EDM DJs try their hand at comedy

May 14, 2015

Funny or Die is known for creating and premiering some of the most hilarious online content around, with a favorite ploy of theirs being to toss non-comedic celebrities into the mix. While this works to varying degrees of success, more often than not you either get a surprisingly entertaining video or an individual who’s charmingly awkward and gets you thinking, “Well, okay – maybe I don’t hate Ke$ha.” And hey, not every skit is going to hit. I get that. But you know those things that are so devoid of redeeming qualities you end up glaring at them in rage while your eye twitches uncontrollably? This would be one of them.

I agree that the best way to lampoon anything is to zero in on the stereotypes but this was a pretty weak attempt. Yes, we get it – Moby’s that old guy at the rave that can’t handle his drugs anymore and should retire. Okay, glow sticks are important in EDM culture. Hurrah. And while the jokes being lackluster could be blamed on the writers, it was the cast that truly put the ‘certified mountain of poo’ stamp on this stinker. You’d figure that in years of pretending that they do anything on stage they would have picked up some acting chops, but nope. C’mon guys, even Bieber has some funny stuff on there. Bieber.

The weird thing is, if you had to find a modicum of entertainment in the vid, it was provided by the old dudes (Moby and Nile Rogers) and a scene starring Martin Garrix, Borgore and Crookers – three dudes for whom English isn’t even their first language. To wit: Y U make me hate you so much, Steve Aoki?

Anyway, I guess if I was to think about it, these guys have become multi-millionaires by – while admittedly being talented at creating high energy music and throwing wads of cash into intricate stage shows – also being pretty useless as stand-alone performers. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Or maybe I’m just a hater and would have totally enjoyed every second of it had I done a rail of M before watching.

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