Enjoy these adorable photos of ’70s rock legends and their parents

January 7, 2015

While it’s loved by all, classic rock often gets called dad rock—justifiably so, too, as it’s the soundtrack to our parents’ generation. But who are the father (and mothers) of dad rock? That’s the question LIFE magazine photographer John Olson sought to answer. Way back in 1971, he brought his camera with him into the lives of the era’s biggest stars, and snapped pics of Zappa, Clapton, and the Jacksons with their parents—and the results are as intimate as they are adorable.

Check the gallery above for some of his work—you can see the pride dripping off the face of Clapton’s grandmummy. Elton’s Johns look like a tight-knit unit. And Zappa? He looks like a spoiled brat who’s too cool for his ole pappy. [H/T Daily Mail]

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