Even Ghostface Killah mistakes Action Bronson’s voice for his own sometimes

May 28, 2015

Action Bronson is an extremely dope rapper, even if he does court his fair share of controversy. He did get a lot of flack early on in his career for sounding almost exactly like Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah though. I clearly remember hearing him for the first time and saying to myself: “Nice – a new Ghostface track. Wait. Or is it? What…?” and then having to sit down because I got dizzy and confused. Now, since the initial shock of Bronson’s sorcery wore off, I’ve never had a problem enjoying his music. However, some of his most passionate fanboys have made it their mission to argue he doesn’t sound that much like Ghost. Well, a recent VladTV interview with the rap legend might make that argument a bit less convincing. When asked what he thinks when people compare Action Bronson to him, he replied: “I mean, I thought he was me one day…I’m askin’ myself when the fuck did I do that verse? But it was him!”

Respect to Ghost though – unlike many rappers reacting to another that’s been accused of ‘biting’ their style, he’s not trying to create beef where there isn’t any. He says that when he and the younger  rapper first met, Bronson was quick to say that he wasn’t purposely trying to sound like the elder artist, assuring him “this is how my voice is.” Ghostface’s opinion? Pretty pragmatic. While saying he has no way of knowing if that’s true or not, he points out that if it isn’t Bronson’s voice, then the Albanian-American rapper must also be a great actor. “It is what it is,” he shrugged. “If that’s his voice, what the fuck he supposed to do?” Interview bonus – Ghostface Killah’s pretty spot on impression of Action Bronson’s speaking voice.

If you missed their NXNE concert together in 2012, you’ll get another chance to decide for yourself in person next month when Action Bronson will again perform at Yonge-Dundas Square despite a petition attempting to halt the show. Till then, check out this mash up of an older Ghostface verse and the very verse of Bronson’s that spurred the petition. Though a more recent song with the two of them exists, it’s the comparison of current Bronsoliño and vintage Ghost that proves those denying the extreme similarities be cray-cray.


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