Every album is Aerosmith, thanks to this Tumblr

Imagine a world where Aerosmith made 'Pinkerton,' if you dare.

February 12, 2016

Imagine a world where only one band, headed by a sentient, scarf-toting pair of lips, recorded every seminal album ever.

Thankfully, we don’t live in that particular hellscape (just the one with the Skittles), but now we can picture that hypothetical nightmare dimension with greater clarity than ever before, thanks to the enterprising Tumblr, Every Album Is Aerosmith.

That’s right, you no longer have to scramble through your Hannibal-esque mind palace when you really need to imagine a version of London Calling or Thrilller as recorded by Steven Tyler and co. It’s all thanks to one enigmatic Photoshop wizard with a seemingly preternatural talent for font matching. Take a look at some examples of this modern-day Gutenberg up above, and be sure to pay your respects/submit some Aerosmith Photoshops of your own over at Every Album Is Aerosmith.

P.S. Also worth noting: Aerosmith never recorded an album called Sweet Emotion.

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