Feast your eyes on “Uptown Funk” edited into a supercut of 280 movies

From Pretty in Pink to Howard the Duck, your favourite flicks can't escape this song's clutches.

August 4, 2015

As we’ve previously noted, the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars megasmash “Uptown Funk” is an unslayable beast.┬áHeck, it’s gotten to the point where this enormo tune has now gotten its tentacles around your favourite films.

YouTube mad scientist dondrapersayswhat has crafted a version of “Uptown Funk” where every lyric is plucked out of a movie in the name of Uptown funking you up. Clips from 280 films (featuring everything from Howard The Duck┬áto The Ten Commandments) are put to work as classics, cult faves and absolute trash rub elbows together in the name of the grand ol’ supercut. For additional flavour, some thrilling dance sequences from Pretty In Pink and Mac and Me are tossed in the mix.

We have this slice of video below (it’s that handsome rectangle with a triangle in it!) for your viewing pleasure. We recommend having the captions on so the corresponding titles pop up with each scene chunklet. Mind you, you’ll instantly recognize 90-95% of these clips anyway.

[h/t AV Club]

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