Find out what David Bowie was doing at your age with this cruel game

Compare your life and weep! (Or feel inspired, if you're a cheery person.)

January 6, 2016

As David Bowie approaches his 69th birthday with extreme Bowiedom, we here at AUX are going to step out on a limb and bravely declare that the dude has had a pretty good career so far. Becoming a massively successful recording artist was the right call, bud!

On the off-chance you’d like to compare lives with Bowie (DON’T!), a new internet tool allows us regular schmoes to see what the Labyrinth heartthrob was up to at our age. If you pop open a new tab/window and head to supbowie.com, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to type in your age and see what Iman’s spouse was up to in that year of his life. Seeing as we referred to the guy as “Iman’s spouse,” you know that it’s gonna be something impressive.

For example, if you’re a 30-year-old drip from Toronto that’s comparing his 30 to Bowie’s 30 for a post on a music-driven website, you’ll see “He sang in a completely self-invented language on the 1977 Low album track, ‘Subterraneans'” while you take a sad chug of your instant breakfast inside a studio apartment.

By the way, Bowie (THE MAN OF MANY GOOD YEARS) turns 69 on Friday. He’ll be marking the occasion with the release of his 25th studio solo effort . Critics are already in a bit of a lather over it.

[h/t AV Club]

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