Foo Fighters give Italian city that made viral video an unforgettable show

“To see you people singing our song for the whole world, it’s the greatest moment of my life,” said Grohl.

November 4, 2015

How could the Foo Fighters possibly say no to playing Cesena, Italy after this video made its way into the world?

As promised, The Foos ventured off to the small Italian city where 1,000 fans made that brainmelting video featuring the most gargantuan “Learn To Fly” cover the world had ever seen. It was a special night for members of the Rockin’1000 and their American rock guests seemed to appreciate the beauty of the occasion as well.

“To see you people, singing our song for the whole fucking world, to me, it’s the greatest moment of my life,” declared a clearly touched Dave Grohl while seated in his decadent throne. “Of course we couldn’t say no, we had to come. You tricked us, you trapped us, we had to come here.”

Grohl said he cried when he saw the “fucking crazy” video and encouraged the crowd to try the same thing with U2, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine.

“And if they say no, you know what you say? Vaffanculo!”

As you might imagine “vaffanculo” is essentially “fuck you” in Italian.

Busting out an enormo-sized career-spanning set, everything from “I’ll Stick Around” to “Congregation” made their way into the mix with covers of “Tom Sawyer” and “Under Pressure” sneaking into the proceedings.

It’d be sort of hilarious if they declined to play “Learn To Fly” but there was no universe where that wouldn’t happen.

A good time was had by all.

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