For some reason this beefy British hunk was cast as Rivers Cuomo

Some sexy beefcake is playing Rivers on a TV sitcom.

March 6, 2015

For more than two decades, Rivers Cuomo—and, by extension, Weezer—have been the champions of nerd rock. That, essentially, means that he’s spent his entire adult life championing the meek: He’s still best-recognized for his Buddy Holly-esque thick-rimmed glasses. He’s filmed videos with Muppets. He drops references to an era where nerdery was dominated by rock-band worship, comic-book reading, and garage dwelling. He became obsessed with Japanese ladies, before we realized that most of the dudes with, uh, that fetish had disturbing issues with dominance and underaged women. He’s a nerd. An all-American nerd, at that.

So, naturally, when it came to casting someone to play Cuomo on TV, they’d choose a scrawny, narrow-shouldered, pasty nerdburglar, right? Think again: Instead, Fox announced that for Detour, the Cuomo-produced sitcom based on his own life, they’d be hiring British actor Ben Aldridge, who most certainly isn’t a nerd.

Detour announced their cast—including The O.C.‘s Peter Gallagher, who will bring his eyebrows to a professorial role—but no selections were as confounding as Aldridge, who has previously played the Apostle Luke in a TV series called The Bible. Why choose a chiselled beefcake to portray Cuomo? Are they trying to deny Cuomo’s nerdy nature? Does Cuomo view himself as an accented hunk in his mind’s eye? Does Rivers Cuomo actually believe he has abs? Does he secretly have abs? Whatever the answer, it seems like Detour‘s taking a few artistic licenses.


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