Game of Thrones is full of Grateful Dead references

Because of course it is.

May 4, 2015

In today’s news that should surprise absolutely no one, Game of Thrones author George Railroad Martin has admitted that his dragon and incest-filled fantasy novels are also jam-packed with references to the greatest American jam band.

During a filmed interview with Salon’s Laura Miller, the outed Deadhead (and dead ringer for Jerry Garcia) mellowly explained that there are countless examples of the group’s lyrics and song titles infiltrating the Seven Kingdoms. From the Darkstar to the Direwolves to the Weirwood Tree, the Song of Ice and Fire might as well feature Pigpen on the skins.

Of course, any serious Martinhead will tell you that the author’s interest in rock music dates back to his 1983 novel The Armageddon Rag. But if you thought DJ Hodor’s “Rave of Thrones” was weird, just imagine Railroad sitting in on a crunchy groove. [H/T Gawker]


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