Garfield and Metallica get morphed into “Hetfield”

Mondays, imprisoning me!

July 29, 2015

From the ennui-filled Garfield Minus Garfield to the presidential Garfield as Garfield or the off-putting live action of Lasagna Cat there are countless variants on the Paws Inc. universe.

Now, comic artist Jimmy Two Hands has mashed up the Monday-hating feline and co. with the members of thrash-metal punchlines Metallica. In Hetfield, Garfield is transmogrified into singer/guitarist James Hetfield with a blonde L.A. goatee, while his downcast owner Jon Arbuckle is spliced with the DNA of chrome-domed drummer Lars Ulrich. Doggy rival Odie’s transformation is limited to the steel wire facial hair of guitarist Kirk Hammett. So far, Nermal has only made one appearance as a pesky Napster user.

Garfield’s familiar tropes (lasagna, sleep, coffee, smashing spiders, etc.) are channelled through inner monologues with lyrics from songs like “Enter Sandman”, “Seek and Destroy” and the modern classic “Frantic” (where lifestyles were deemed to determine deathstyles). Jimmy Two Hands is clearly familiar with the Metallica catalogue, and previously brought a similar approach to the Ziggy/Misfits singer smash ‘em up, Danziggy.

Check out a few of our favourite Hetfield strips below.

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