Gavin Rossdale is selling handwritten copies of Bush’s ‘Glycerine’ for $2,000

August 19, 2014

There’s no denying that Bush—sorry, Bush X, to us Canadians—had some killer jams. Like, “Machine Head”? “Swallowed”? “Comedown”? All stone-cold jams. Still, as much as we loved the Brit alt rockers, we’d assumed that Gavin Rossdale and co. (and by co., we mean the bald guy in Bush, because he’s the only other member we remember) would ride off into the sunset, collecting royalty cheques from classic-rock radio spins of “Glycerine.”

Still, Bush aren’t content to ride off into the sunset, buckets of cash and Gwen Stefani in tow. No, instead, they’re looking to another moneymaking scheme: Namely, they’re selling handwritten copies of “Glycerine” for a cool $2,000.

OK, it’s not that simple: They’re actually awarding copies of the song—written out by Rossdale himelf—as part of a crowdfunding effort for Man on the Run, set for release this November. The band’s awarding signed drum heads, guitars, and LPs for deep-pocketed patrons, but, as Consequence of Sound reports, the real gem in a handwritten version of “Glycerine.” All for the low, low price of two grand!

Now, don’t get us wrong: We’re giant Sixteen Stone fans. It absolutely blew our minds when we discovered that “Glycerine” had the same chord progression as “When I Come Around.” We once rocked Rossdale’s centre part. But even so, why would anyone want to buy handwritten copies of the song’s lyrics?

Black moon white again? Living in a wheel? Where everyone steals? If you must, you can buy the lyrics via Pledgemusic.

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