Get spaced out to Etiquette’s ethereal video for “Brown and Blue”

February 2, 2015

While Toronto-based dream pop outfit Etiquette may be relatively new, its members are already well-known in Canadian music circles: The project combines the talents of Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh and Cancon stalwart Julie Fader (who’s appeared on records by Great Lake Swimmers, Chad VanGaalen and more). The two, of course, are long-time collaborators—they worked together in Hamilton act Flux A.D. in the late ’90s—but the music they make with Etiquette is new territory for the duo: Driven by a pulsating bassline and nocturnal synths, “Brown and Blue” is sleekly elegant, fusing Walsh’s electronics with Fader’s blissed-out vocals.

The video, meanwhile is a visual treat, served up by Number Four Films’ Christopher Mills and Gaëlle Legrand. Using a collage of swirling illustrations and geometric shapes, the video provides fiting visuals to the spacey “Brown and Blue,” and it’s a worthy addition to Mills and Legrand’s already bursting portfolio, which includes vids for KEN Mode, Tegan and Sara, and Young Galaxy.

Check the video for “Brown and Blue” above.

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