Go backstage with Tennyson before their first show at Hollywood’s historic Fonda Theatre

March 12, 2015

Tennyson might’ve initially been hyped as Ryan Hemsworth proteges, but in the last year, the teenaged Edmonton brother-sister electronic duo have forged their own reputation. After attracting loads of attention for their inclusion on Hemsworth’s Secret Songs series—for “You’re Cute”—the world began noticing the seamless compositions of Luke and Tess Pretty, pushing the Albertans into the international spotlight. Their quest has taken them as far as California, where the Scion Sessions-produced video above was shot—watch as they prep for a show in Hollywood’s famed Fonda Theater and as Luke and Tess provide commentary on one of their, as Tess says, “best shows so far,” all set to the jazz-tinged perfection of “With You.”

The Pretty siblings, though, remain unfazed by their newfound popularity: They’ve played music together since they were toddlers, with Luke eventually crystallizing Tennyson as his bedroom project. “The first time we played together, I was seven and he was nine, and we’ve been playing together ever since, to the point where it just feels natural,” Tess told AUX in an interview earlier this year, with Luke elaborating on their development: “The electronic thing was something I was doing for fun on the side and then I got more and more into it and found a way to work in the jazz music we’ve been doing for so long.”

And if you dig “With You,” you can purchase a 7-inch of the track via their Bandcamp. Act quick, though: They only pressed 500 copies.

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