Gord Downie announces new solo record

23-song double album 'Introduce Yerself' is out October 27th.

September 27, 2017

Gord Downie, whose well-publicized battle with terminal brain cancer is ongoing, is about to release a surprise 23-song double album, called Introduce Yerself. Fans of the Tragically Hip frontman won’t have to wait very long, either: the album’s out October 27th.

Introduce Yerself is produced entirely by Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew, who also co-wrote a number of the “swiftly recorded” songs. As per a statement, many of the final tracks on the album “reflect first takes”.

Introduce Yerself will mark the second album by Downie since going public with his diagnosis, following the Juno Award-winning Secret Path from last year.

Alongside the CD and digital release in October, a vinyl version will arrive December 1st.

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