Guitar Hero expert recreates song with mouth to spite YouTube copyright

Confused? Just watch this hilarious video.

January 25, 2016

YouTube user GuitarHeroFailure‘s channel name is a tongue-in-cheek one: This dude is clearly obsessed with the game, with the majority of uploaded videos being him pulling off 100% accuracy playthroughs of famously difficult songs. Still, with the number of similar videos floating around, he wasn’t exactly racking up the views.

Oh, what a difference a dumb idea conceived in a moment of frustration and a single Reddit post can make. Hit play below:

GuitarHeroFailure’s latest conquest was the Ozzy Osbourne 1983 classic “Bark At The Moon.” However, either due to the randomness of YouTube’s copyright algorithms or a direct claim, the video was removed. Undaunted, GuitarHeroFailure re-uploaded the vid and, as he says in the description, “fixed the audio.”

The result: a glorious four and a half minutes of impassioned mouth-guitaring. If nothing else, fast forward to the 2:41 mark where he shows up Ozzy guitarist Jake E. Lee with some high speed soloing for the ages. Turning on the closed captioning or transcript mode delivers even more hilarity with attempts at the ‘lyrics’ such as “operative opera but up part of the tab up top of the department of Alberta pop.”

Pro Tip: This works well for Jud Jud too.

The ridiculous video was noticed and posted by Reddit user samwitch645, and in true Guitar Hero fashion the crowd went wild. Here’s a lesson in the potential rewards of being a clown on YouTube: at the end of the video (which was uploaded on January 20) he thanks “all of [his] 24 subscribers.” Dude now has nearly 1,800.

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