Guy who cut off manbuns shaves his ironic hipster moustache to apologize

February 24, 2015

By now you’ve likely seen viral sensation “Stop the Knot,” a rage-inducing clip wherein two South African pals drive around chopping tacky topknots off total strangers’ heads. It incited a range of emotions, from “that’s assault,” which it was, to “good, topknots are goofy.”

But regardless of how it made you feel, the fact remains that the video did cross the line. Which is why today they’ve released a follow-up admitting it was all staged.

Yes: They really cut those man buns off. But the victims weren’t strangers. Instead, they were one of their bandmates, a local barista, their hairstylist, and brother.

While the apology video is a little long, the payoff is probably worth it for anyone who pointed out the irony in a trendily moustachioed man taking such umbrage with the topknot.

Also, we see you, New Found Glory shirt.

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