Hear Linkin Park, Pixies, and Slipknot covers made from animal noises

YouTube: your first choice for animal sound effect mashups since 2005.

May 13, 2016

Frequently cited as the worst song Frank Sinatra ever recorded, his 1951 novelty record “Mama Will Bark” was a duet with 1950s TV starlet Dagmar, and featured her off-key interjections along with the sound effects of a dog howling. Speaking on the legacy of the song, Sinatra famously said “the only good it did me was with the dogs.”

Russian YouTube user InsaneCherry: “The only problem with ‘Mama Will Bark’ is that it didn’t go far enough.”

Thanks to their tireless work and a copy of Audacity, all your favourites are here, expertly arranged in time with today’s biggest hits from the likes of the Pixies, Linkin Park, and Slipknot. OK, maybe not today’s biggest hits.

Remind yourself just how game-changing non-human vocal pieces like Oh Long Johnson, Goat Yelling Like A Man, and the newest luminary of melodic barking, Gabe the Dog, really were when they first hit the scene with the songs below.

Granted, things get a lot easier to sync with animal noises when the song already sounds like a walrus barfing:


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