Here’s almost every nostalgic hit since 1990 sorted by year

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July 22, 2014

Yes, yes. We get it: You’re over nostalgia just like you’re over clickbait-y, Buzzfeed-ified lists that tell us about, like, the 94 things that Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise taught us about being a real boy (no. 34 will change you forever). Snark aside, though, we’re totally not over nostalgia—after all, is there a better pre-drank pump-up track than Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It?” Is there a better red-wine-sipping, bad-case-of-the-Mondays-remedying, trashy-book-in-the-bathtub banger than James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful?” Is there a better way to combat a bad day than, uh, Daniel Powter’s “Had a Bad Day?”

The answer is a delirious, giddy OH HELL NO. That’s why we’re thankful for the Nostalgia Machine, a delightful website that creates YouTube playlists of nostalgic chuneskis, all sorted by year. We’re not sure what powers the site—or what algorithm they use to determine what’s properly nostalgic—but it works. And it works damn well. Check out the gallery of nostalgic hits by year, and prepare to get misty eyed. Especially over 2004. Because, like, that’s the year with “You’re Beautiful.”


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