Here’s footage of Rob Ford on a coffee run in Deadmau5’s Purrari

July 31, 2014

As Canadian mayors go, Torontonians have plenty to be jealous about: While Canada’s biggest city is saddled with a hot mess of a mayor, Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi is busy saving folk fests and Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson is DJing pride parties. It’s enough to make Hogtown’s mayor look like a crack-smoking square—and that’s probably the first time “crack-smoking” and “square” have been paired together.

Still, that doesn’t mean that Ford isn’t hip with the kids. First, he tweeted a photo of him hanging out with Deadmau5 at City Hall. Then, the mayor tweeted a photo of him in the EDM star’s iconic Purrarri (which, apparently, he didn’t sell on Craigslist), thanking him for going on a coffee run. And finally, today, we saw what the two men were up to: They went to Tim Horton’s, and Deadmau5 filmed their conversation on his dashcam. And it’s effin’ hilarious.

Watch Ford attempt to campaign on numerous issues—he explains the importance of fixing potholes to the producer—and explain CFL football, all before they roll up to a local Timmy’s. Deadmau5, for his part, explains the Nyan Cat meme to Rob Ford. And when they finally get to the coffee shop, Ford orders five espresso shots in a single cup (compensating much?). Check the video in its entirety below.

We’ll call that a resounding success. As for Deadmau5, he’s hoping to land even bigger interviews for his coffee runs.

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