How many of these unrecognizable Canadian musicians can you guess?

December 19, 2014

Geez, high school was an embarrassing time, wasn’t it? Between the braces, the skateboard-carried-as-fashion-accessory, and Sharpie-adorned Chuck Taylors, everyone looked terrible as adolescents. Still, while we won’t judge anyone based off their high school selves, it can be especially funny to revisit old yearbook and childhood photos—because oftentimes, the faces peering back are unrecognizable.

That, too, applies to Canadian musicians—and we’ve found unrecognizable photos of some of our favourites. Like, who knew that the Moffatts would clean up so well as adults? Or that Neil Young looked like a bantam hockey-league goon? Or that Chad Kroeger was a garden-variety Abbotsford burnout? The answer: We knew, and now you do, too.

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