Iconic albums redesigned with comic heroes and villains

April 9, 2015

A few weeks ago, we came across the work of an artist who re-imagined post-punk icons as superheroes. And we were taken: Who knew that the world needed a mashup of Morrissey and the Incredible Hulk? Or Spiderman and Ian Curtis? Or John Lydon and Wolverine?

Tumblr user Spacelordklopper, however, has taken the concept a step further by incorporating comic-book heroes and supervillains into classic albums of all genres. Expect to see Bauhaus mashed up with Batman (naturally), Dr. Doom mashed up with Dr. Dre, Iron Maiden mashed up with Iron Man, Magneto mashup with Metallica, and Storm doing her best take on Sade. It’s absolutely brilliant. [H/T Consequence of Sound]

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