James Hetfield’s daughter is way better at singing than he is

May 20, 2015

We love Metallica frontman James Hetfield; in addition to all the hits, his transition into cheesy old metal Dad has been relatively graceful yet provided us with the most joyous of memes. The fact remains though – Josh Groban he ain’t. Last Friday we found out that it goes beyond not being the best vocalist among the metal elite – Hetfield isn’t even the best singer in his family. While performing at his and Sammy Hagar’s second annual Acoustic-4-A-Cure concert benefitting a local pediatric cancer program, Hetfield brought out his 16 year old daughter Cali for a stripped down duet of Adele’s ‘Crazy For You.’ And though she appeared to be a bit nervous, there’s no doubt about it: that girl can sing.

In another display of pure Dad-ery, Hetfield can’t stop beaming with pride as his daughter kills the cover. It’s hella cute, to be honest. Like any good parent, he’s not put off at all that his daughter will likely be whooping his ass vocally in the future. Besides, he can be secure in the fact that neither she nor any other human being will ever be able to touch him in the “OOH-ah” and “YE-HEAH” realm.

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