Justin Bieber’s Ozzy Osbourne impression is better than the real thing

April 6, 2015

Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne don’t have a lot in common. One’s an icon, the other, ugh, isn’t. One can sing, and the other’s an old man. But on Spike TV’s new lip syncing show, Biebs bridged the gap between himself and the heavy metal icon with a startlingly good impersonation.

From his bulging eyes and long hair to his handful of rings and lids caked in guy liner, Bieber’s stint on Lip Sync Battle showed that a good nod to “Crazy Train” takes more than a lyrics sheet. More than that, it shows that somewhere in that tiny body is perhaps the soul of a dormant metalhead. Hate him all you want, but Bieber’s got the mannerisms down.

And also, wait. Is Deion Sanders a judge? Are we just pretending his music career never happened?

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