Kanye reportedly spends $500 a day on haircuts

Yeezy's personal barber pulls in $182,500 per year for a daily buzz.

November 9, 2015

If you’re one of those people that flies into a rage after hearing about the frivolous spending habits of the wealthy, you probably shouldn’t read the rest of this article.

Whatever you think of Kanye West, you can’t deny that the guy’s cut game is on point: always freshly marked up and nary a stray facial hair. Still, considering the dude hasn’t had more than a couple millimetres of hair for years (granted, he’ll sometimes get a helpful Sharp Corner Warning chiseled in there like in the picture above), you wouldn’t think he’d be spending a hell of a lot of cash there.

Well, the man whose sperm helped create Rihanna/inexplicable Kanye expert Ronald Fenty is here to get that silly thought out of your far-too-logical head. Apparently Yeezy spent $500 keeping his hair game fresh to death – per day.

Speaking on his experience touring with his daughter and Kanye in 2010, Fenty told Heat magazine exactly how serious Kanye is about his haircuts. “It’s crazy – Kanye gets a haircut every day. He pays his barber $500 a time. I don’t understand how that much hair gets taken off. Kanye just loves the fresh look.”

By the way, ‘his barber’ doesn’t refer to ‘whichever barber is cutting his hair at the time.’ Ibn Jasper has landed the sweetest barber gig of all time, supposedly banking the equivalent of $182,500 a year for running clippers over the rapper’s already buzz-cut noggin and clipping his whiskers daily. Jasper, however, says the day-to-day proceeds from keeping Kanye dapper pale in comparison to his regular work: “He asked me to move to NYC and I told him, ‘When you can pay me what I make in the shop, then I’ll move.'”

C’mon Jasper, just admit it. You’d take the easy Kanye gig at least for a while – except then you have to listen to him 24/7/365.

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