Kanye West must love Megadeth

January 30, 2015

He has to be a fan, right? That’s surely the only reason he, or anyone, would be caught in public wearing a Megadave shirt. He’s even smiling, and Kanye West fucking hates smiling.

Or maybe he sees a bit of himself in the ginger-haired windbag; two self-proclaimed geniuses finding a commonality in their reputations. The difference is, of course, that Kanye West turns his ego-driven genius into challenging songs and bizarre but ultimately harmless rants about French art and smiles.

Mustaine, meanwhile, uses his love for himself as the means to beef with discount men’s clothing stores, tweet about chemtrails and rant as only a crazed racist can about Barack Obama’s alleged but clearly not actually real Kenyan birth certificate. Also, Megadeth sucks.

Or maybe dude just likes the shirt. Who knows.

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