Key and Peele perfectly skewer the absurdity of rap lyrics as evidence

The only shellfish-related confession you'll see on TV.

August 12, 2015

Comedy duo Key and Peele have previously parodied the musical tropes of mania-inducing dubstep, racist a capella singing groups, and surprisingly progressive pirate chanteys. Now, they’ve taken aim at the perpetually topical practice of criminal investigations using hip-hop lyrics as evidence.

“Rap Album Confessions” features Jordan Peele in an equally topical N.W.A. inspired costume as the suspected artist known as Gun Rack. Keegan Michael-Key plays to his strengths as the straight man interrogator who inevitably flips his lid. The pair nails this four-minute skewering of current events (See: Chief Keef or Lil Boosie) with pitch-perfect delivery (slightly better than the average episode of Law & Order: SVU), a surprise twist, and classic lines like “I confess that ‘shellfish’ is the only thing that rhymes with ‘tell this.'”

Watch the sketch below:


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