Kids in Finland love these badass heavy metal dinosaurs

Meet Hevisaurus.

November 11, 2015

The important thing to note with Hevisaurus is that this isn’t one of those Sesame Street ‘metal bands’ where The Muppets dish out music that lies somewhere between R.E.M and Nickelback on the heaviness scale. While they may not be shelling out blast beats and pig-squeal vocals, these dreadlocked and mohawked dinosaurs are dropping some fairly authentic old school metal tunes. Also, these dinos are a credit to their species and proud of their roots. Unlike that peanut butter and jelly sandwich loving momma’s boy Barney, the Hevisaurus crew digs steaks and flame-broiled meat. Even Komppi Momppi who’s descended from vegetarians is all like: “Fuck that rabbit food noise, I dig burgers.” Their sold-out live shows stick to the same ethos and are described as “rowdy gigs that stir up both children and parents.”


How’s that working out in the kid market, you ask? Remember, this is Finland – so pretty damn well. Their website boasts that their new album will be their seventh, with many of their previous efforts going gold and platinum. Their new album, meanwhile, is likely to hit new highs since it contains songs that kids will catch in their feature length movie that’s going to be released at the end of the month. Check out the sweet video for the album’s title track below.


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