Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson had an ’80s art-punk band

15 albums (!) from Thompson's band Mouth Congress are now available on Bandcamp.

September 25, 2015

Scott Thompson’s contributions to The Kids in the Hall and Canadian comedy as a whole are far too numerous to list here. As an openly gay public figure (possibly best known for his Buddy Cole character) since the 1980s, he has always been as fearless as he is funny.

Thanks to someone with a speedy internet connection, we’ve now learned that fearlessness extended to a KITH-era art-punk band called Mouth Congress. A whopping 15 albums have been uploaded to Bandcamp so far with wonderfully sketchy album covers and titles like Make Way For Music, A Fey Breeze, and The Whole Horror Shhbang! Though the group featured a rotating line-up, most recordings include the core duo of Thompson and his writing partner Paul Bellini (who you may recognize as the towel-clad man in countless KITH sketches).

After digging in for a short stretch, we’d recommend starting with “Mouth Congress Theme” then moving to the relentlessly funky “How To Strip For Your Husband” before you get to the experimental sound collage of “Generator X Speaks with his Answering Machine”.

Needless to say, these zonked songs, sketches, and oddball experiments are all fairly NSFW (and far from politically correct by today’s standards). What they offer is an extensive collection of subversively funny snapshots from a side of Thompson that you might not have known about. For KITH megafans or anyone who enjoys the music of Hardcore Devo, The Homosexuals, or The Frogs, this is a serious treasure trove.

[h/t Chart Attack]

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