Korea’s new music library is a vinyl nerd’s heaven

The sleek museum boasts 10,000 records including some incredibly rare titles.

June 1, 2015

Seoul, South Korea can now add one of the world’s coolest museums to its list of tourist attractions.

The Music Library is a sleek and futuristic compound containing over 10,000 records, 3,000 music books, and every issue of Rolling Stone magazine dating back to 1967. Alongside contemporary releases running the gamut from Aphex Twin to Maroon 5, this vinyl collection amassed by a group of globetrotting grippers boasts a few holy grails. These include the adorably controversial “Butcher Cover” of The Beatles’ Yesterday and Today, as well as the rare as hen’s teeth A&M 7” of The Sex Pistols’ “God Save The Queen”, which recently sold for £8,000. Visitors can listen to any of these records on turntable stations or make requests from the library DJ. So much for studying in quiet.

The glass cube designed by architect Choi Moon-gyu and the Gensler firm in collaboration with a group of visual artists also features a music venue known as Understage. So far artists have included Paul “Temporary Secretary” McCartney, K-pop band Daybreak, and many more. Access to The Music Library and Understage is currently only available to holders of the Hyundai credit card, though members can bring two guests and visit up to eight times per year for free. Boomers the world over are now booking their flights.

For more information and drool-worthy shots, watch the video below or visit The Music Library’s snazzy site. [H/T The Vinyl Factory]


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