Live at Massey Hall series features some of Canada’s finest

August 13, 2014

As one of the Canada’s oldest and most storied music venues, Massey Hall has featured some of the world’s greatest musicians over the years—from Pavarotti to Neil Young. But the story is certainly not over, and Massey Hall is continuing to foster Canadian talent across a variety of genres with the Live at Massey Hall concert series. Best of all, the venue is recording and releasing all of the performances on their YouTube page. Check out the teaser below.

The videos feature remarkable shots of the hall, whose famed acoustic qualities are all but recreated in the recordings, and intimate interviews with the artists—their genuine humility candidly on display. The list of talent is nothing to scoff at either: Polaris short-listers Basia Bulat, Timber Timbre and Shad all made the cut. If you don’t want to pay the symbolic $18.94 (the year Massey Hall opened) to see one of these shows live, then be sure to follow the online series.

Videos for Bry Webb and Destroyer’s shows are already live on the site:



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