Make dub music with this online computer game

August 29, 2014

Remember last week when we posted about an endless dubstep generator that’s going to Burning Man? Remember thinking, “That’s the greatest thing ever created, and a very necessary technological contribution to our troubled planet. Too bad there’s only one”? Well! You can stop praying, because the dubstep generator’s older cousin, the dub generator, is also a thing that exists. Even better, this one is on the internet and ready to start playing with right now.

It’s called the Infinite Wheel Dub Selector and it falls somewhere between a set of computer games and an interactive music generator. Start by selecting any of the twirling, flashing icons and enter a game that involves moving and clicking on little characters to make different sounds. It all perfectly fits over an ever-evolving dub beat. And it’s fun!

It would be cool if the games had levels and bosses that you could beat – imagine working toward a high score while jamming out. But, oh well – when you’re making dub music, everyone wins!

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