Marilyn Manson reportedly had his butt kicked at a Denny’s in Alberta

April 7, 2015

For most of us, the Denny’s—with its endless combinations of eggs, prime rib, queso, and maple syrup—is a gut punch. For Marilyn Manson, it’s a different kind of punch: Namely, one to the face.

That’s what the “Beautiful People” singer learned, at least, when he stepped into a Lethbridge Denny’s after a show in Southern Alberta. According to TMZ, Manson got into a scuffle at 2:30 a.m. at the 24-hour restaurant, and left with a broken nose.

(If we’re to believe Google Reviews, perhaps the scuffle was borne of frustration for their terrible service: “They make jokes about Denny’s being the place you go at 3 AM, and that you don’t want to be caught there in the daylight!,” writes one reviewer. “Worst Denny’s I’ve ever been too,” writes another. “Couldn’t get our order after three tries and all the waitress cared about was mopping another section.”)

But we digress. Manson allegedly got into a fight with an adjoining table after calling someone a “bitch.” CTV Lethbridge’s Facebook followed up with a few more salient details: Manson was reportedly punched by a 21-year-old man. After Manson’s crew stepped in, the fight reportedly spilled into the lobby of the hotel, and no one—not Denny’s, nor Manson’s representatives—seem to be commenting on the issue.

The police, who’ve confirmed that an incident happened at Denny’s, have said that the case is closed.

While the details surrounding the story aren’t confirmed, plenty have taken to Twitter to speculate about Manson’s fight in Lethbridge.

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To Manson, the message seems clear: “…And stay out of Lethbridge!”

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