Miley Cyrus got super explicit with a bunch of TV execs

May 15, 2015

So you know how Miley really, really loves being overtly sexual and edgy? Well whatever you may think about the effectiveness of her exploits, she’s proven one thing: when it comes to raunchy, that girl does her homework.

Yesterday at Adult Swim’s upfront presentation in New York, Miley took the stage to perform a medley of her songs – and one very special Easter egg. Dedicating the tunes to ‘the ladies’, Miley launched into a cover of Khia’s 2002 hip-hop hit “My Neck, My Back (Lick It).” While I was initially going to offer up a censored version of the song’s refrain, it turns out that Wikipedia sums it up far more succinctly (and hilariously) in a matter-of-fact and coldly scientific way: “The main poetry of the song is an encouragement of both cunnilingus and anilingus.” It sure does, Wiki.

As you might infer from the photo, Khia was certainly no shrinking violet and the lyrics of the tune don’t leave much to the imagination. Those that weren’t busy being morally outraged by the song on its release rightly praised Khia for turning gender norms on their ear and taking charge of her sexuality. Yet – Miley (dressed in a bizarro-world Raunchy-Katy-Perry outfit of giant butterfly wings and nipple pasties) wanted to make sure her audience of TV and ad execs really got the point. Thus, we were treated to a performance full of air humping and Miley helpfully (and forcefully) pointing out where exactly the body parts in question were as they were mentioned. Also, there were whole lot of “mother f*ckers” peppered in there. My favorite part, however, might be the guy playing the banjo off to the side – whose body language clearly says “God, I hope my Grandma isn’t watching this.”

Check it out here.

Whatever the audience may have thought, guess who absolutely loved it? Khia. In her opinion, Miley is “probably the only white girl on the planet that can twerk and talk about getting her p**** licked that it’s acceptable and it be true like my song.” She also expressed hopes that Miley will guest on her upcoming track “Yum Yum Sauce,” which I guarantee isn’t about the Japanese dipping sauce but pray is chock full of amazing food-based analogies. Please God – let this happen.


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