New Found Glory rescued a horse named New Found Glory

May 28, 2015

If you’ve ever doubted the awesomeness of the band New Found Glory, this should put it to rest. It seems that lead guitarist Chad Gilbert happened across the one-year old mare last night (read: was busted Googling his own band). Discovering the thoroughbred was to be slaughtered the next morning, he decided this could not stand, presumably sent out the NFG version of the bat-signal and in no time the boys had purchased the horse and found her a home.

Now, it’s not completely clear whether the horse was named New Found Glory prior to the purchase or not. However, from Gilbert’s Instagram pic which appears to display the initial description given by Auction Horses (a Facebook group that lists horses in kill pens) it certainly seems like it was the animal’s given name. Besides, even if that isn’t the case I’m going to pretend it is till told otherwise – that story is just too bad ass not to.

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