Original Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin is back

June 25, 2015

Jimmy Chamberlin is an absolute superhuman. Now while that of course refers to his drumming abilities (the dude’s a beast), it perhaps holds even more true when considering the fact that he seems to be the only person alive that can take Billy Corgan’s shit for an extended period of time.  Still, in 2009, Chamberlin decided to part ways with the insanely talented and fascinatingly insane frontman. A 19 year old wunderkind replacement didn’t exactly drive Pumpkins fans wild, so when the news dropped yesterday that Chamberlin would be returning, there were many hurrahs coupled with a batch of huzzahs for good measure.

While Chamberlin must be in possession of some sort of Corgan-control-freak kryptonite that allows him to operate in tandem with the notoriously difficult Corgan, he’s still not making the plunge into once again becoming a full time member of the Smashing Pumpkins. His commitment extends only till the end of the band’s ‘The End Times’ tour with Marilyn Manson which concludes in August. So if you want to experience half of the original Pumpkins lineup live, better get it while it’s hot, kids.

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