Petition asks Neil Young to change his name to Neil Old

Old man, take a look at your life.

March 2, 2016

Facts are facts, and in 2010 Neil Young officially became a senior citizen at the age of 65. A new Change.org petition from user Noah Landers points this out in the hopes of motivating the legendary Canadian musician to legally change his name to Neil Old. Read his case below:

[quote]The name Neil Young promises a certain youthfulness to the uninformed listener and, while his alto singing voice remains boyish, it has become a matter of false advertisement. It’s time for “Shakey” to face the facts: he’s not a young man anymore and every passing day makes his name more of a misnomer.

I believe that after all these years of acclaim, accolades, and respect on the part of his fans, the least Neil could do is legally change his name to Neil Old.[/quote]

As of this writing, the petition reached its initial goal of 500 signatures and is now aiming for 1,000.

Your move, Sonic Youth.

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