Pharrell, Moby and Andrew W.K. join party for bullied Dancing Man

March 9, 2015

Home of GamerGate goons, countless MRAs and some shockingly scary images, 4chan is like the dark web for internet meanies. Just last week, someone posted an image of a man attempting to dance at a party. “Spotted this specimen trying to dance last week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

[twitter id=”573617663655571456″]

Dancing Man has since become a viral sensation after a Twitter user named Cassandra sent out a request to find him. He revealed himself as a man named Sean from London, and now a party is being thrown in his honour.

A GoFundMe page was launched in order to throw a wild party for Dancing Man, and it turns out that people really want to help him. In a matter of days, the fundraiser has nearly doubled its target goal of $20,000. Any additional funds will be donated to an anti-bullying campaign.

As it turns out, Dancing Man is also something of a ladies’ man — the event will include over 1,200 women on the guestlist. It’ll also include some big-name guests.

Pharrell was the first to offer his attendance to the party (and stayed majorly on brand by mentioning his YouTube channel I.Am.OTHER in the process):

[twitter id=”573908276569489408″]

From there, electronic pop cutie Moby offered some DJ services for free at the party (hopefully Dancing Man likes aughties grocery store techno):

[twitter id=”573944025884983296″]

Finally, party hero Andrew WK added himself to the fold:

[twitter id=”574337128689086464″]

Stay tuned for more information on Dancing Man’s heart-warming, cynicism-melting party when it unfolds.

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