‘Pope Bars’ is a blessed meme for the masses

The Pope looked kind of like he was rapping, the Internet did the rest.

December 3, 2015

As Pope Francis found out earlier this week, even being God’s representative on Earth, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, and custodian of the keys of Heaven can’t save you from being absorbed into the Matrix in meme form. The power of the Catholic church is nothing compared to the power of the Force.

*In delightful Spanish accent as he clicks around his @pontifex twitter feed and checks the download numbers on his prog-rock album* “What is my, uh, SEO um, estrategia?”

A photo was snapped of the Pope as he gave a blessing to gathered displaced persons at a camp in the Central African Republic last Sunday. The nation has been in the grip of civil war since 2012, when sectarian violence erupted between the mostly Muslim Séléka faction and Christian militias. But hey, in the photo, Pope Francis looked kind of like he was rapping! Ha ha ha ha ha! Have some tweets:

[twitter id=”671537894650064896″]

[twitter id=”671441930484494337″]

[twitter id=”671491391982198784″]

[twitter id=”671333018469036033″]

[twitter id=”671446790059626496″]

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Inject the memes directly into my veins. Has anyone done a “Hotline Bling” version yet? Cuz ever since I left V-City youuuu / started ‘fessin less and going out more / glasses of Christ blood out on the nave floor / started hanging with diaconates I ain’t seen before…” You get the idea.

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