PREMIERE: Danko Jones roams Toronto’s streets in “Do You Wanna Rock” video

February 12, 2015

Danko Jones has found a second audiece of late with his podcast, but more than anything its his music that’s kept him a Toronto institution. For close to twenty years, he and his eponymous hard rock band have done their part to keep the city’s rock scene straight to the point.

“Do You Wanna Rock,” the video for which we’re ecstatic to premiere below, captures everything that’s made Danko Jones endure the trends and stay on for this long.

In the Lisa Mann directed video, Jones walks along Toronto’s city streets in shots that cut away from… kissing. Like, a lot of kissing. And in its contrast, it ends up being the perfect snapshot of what Danko Jones is all about. Because while you might easily catch him walking down Queen Street one night, you also shouldn’t be surprised when his music gets people smoochin’.

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