PREMIERE: Listen to Crack Cloud’s debut EP

The Calgary quintet blow out tightly coiled post-punk on their first official release.

May 2, 2016

Calgary’s Crack Cloud are a thrilling new group emerging from a perpetually evolving community of musicians. The tightly coiled post-punk of their first official release will be made available as a cassette independently produced by the band on Thursday, May 5th. You can now stream it in full below.

Crack Cloud’s debut EP oscillates between moments of caustic abrasion and stiffly funky propulsion. Zach Choy’s vocals similarly flip between agitated wails and a deadpan monotone, fleshed out with strangled synths, sawtooth guitars, and some good old fashioned sax skronk.

The quintet brings together members of Calgary acts SET, In Vacuo, Lab Coast, Gretchen, and Gawker for a musical family tree with gnarled branches. Smash that play button on their self-titled EP right here:

On top of their announcement with the second wave of Sled Island artists, Crack Cloud hit the stage for a series of shows at the following dates:

Friday, May 6 – Palomino Smokehouse & Social Club (Calgary, AB)
Saturday, May 7 – Tubby Dog (Calgary, AB)
Thursday, May 12 – Blueprint Records (Lethbridge, AB)
Tuesday, June 21 – Red House (Calgary, AB)

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