PREMIERE: Listen to Gal Gracen’s new ‘Summer Interludes’ 7″

Vancouver's Gal Gracen return with hazy rays of sunswept romance.

July 12, 2016

Photo: Lauren Ray

Vancouver’s languid jangle-pop dreamers Gal Gracen are back. The band featuring members of Role Mach and Milk returns with the two-song single Summer Interludes (“White Sands” and the instrumental “Turquoise Waves”). You can stream it below.

Back in 2013, Gal Gracen released Blue Hearts In Exile on Vancouver’s Green Burrito Records. That seven-song mini-album shimmered with late night love fantasies, while the new 7″ on their own DISNY Records shines with hazy rays of sunswept romance. As a teaser for their upcoming album The Hard Part Begins, the 7″ recorded with help from Vancouver’s Jo Passed will leave you feeling wistful. Jens Lekman meets Lewis as they jet-set into the dawn.

[quote]”Summer Interludes is inspired by Ingmar Bergman and a couple Shutterstock images that really effected me,” the band offers in a statement. “It was written on a trip I took last summer to Scandinavia, where I visited Bergman’s island of Fårö in the Baltic Sea. It was very clean, and there were a lot of bored tourists, which is sort of the feeling I want to conjure.”

“‘White Sands’ is a reflection on the beauty of youth, passing like sands through the hourglass. I love Bergman’s stoic romanticism, and the way he lingers on youth and nature whilst maintaining a cold impartiality to it all… I was trying to emulate that, whilst also ripping off Felt. ‘Turquoise Waves’ is not essential listening, but I think it would be nice to have it on if you were sitting in a condominium.”[/quote]

Stream the 7” below:

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