PREMIERE: Listen to Krief’s new song, ‘Mississippi’

The former member of The Dears goes solo on a dark, anthemic double LP.

June 24, 2016

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Patrick Krief has logged time in The Dears, so it’s no surprise that his solo material is informed by his former outfit’s dark pop timbres. Krief’s upcoming double album, Automanic, is due out September 30th on Culvert Music, but you can check out an early stream of disc 1 cut “Mississippi” below.

Inspired by the heartbreak, grief, despair, and fear that followed a devastating string of deaths in Krief’s life, Automanic is a two-disc, 20-track journey into bleak, personal material that nevertheless regularly breaks through to hopeful washed-out soundscapes and anthemic balladry. The album features guest vocalists Sam Roberts, Maia Davies, and even engineer David Schiffman, with Krief playing nearly all the instruments alongside longtime collaborator Roberto Piccioni.

“Mississippi” is representative of the darker, more forceful side of Autonomic with its sinister synth pulses, relentless verbed-out groove, and fiery guitar solo sounding like controller.controller material played by Grinderman.

Listen to “Mississippi” below, and get amped for Automanic in the fall:

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