PREMIERE: Listen to Melted Mirror’s self-titled debut EP

The Calgary band delivers dreamily ominous synth-pop with retrofitted reflections.

November 4, 2015

Calgary’s Melted Mirror is the synthetic replication of a trio of veteran blade runners.

The mesmerizing presence of frontman Chris Zajko has previously led bands like Sharp Ends, The Soft Option, and The Ostrich, yet here he’s swapped out a rock ‘n’ roll backdrop for ominous electronics and effects-drenched guitars. Cian Haley (Catholic Girls, Mount Analogue) and Jeebs Nabil (Memo, Violence) deliver these retrofitted sounds with reflections of Depeche Mode, New Order, and the mirrorball menace of Johnny Jewel.

Their self-titled six-song EP will be issued as a cassette on Nov. 13 with the first release on Wyatt, a new label from Evan Van Reekum of the dearly departed Mammoth Cave Recording Co. Check out the cassette’s cover art and hit play below to dream like the androids.

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