PREMIERE: Listen to Motherhood’s new album, ‘Baby Teeth’

Fredericton's Motherhood float out a tumultuous tumbleweed of rock 'n' roll.

June 7, 2016

Loving, lurid matriarchs of the Fredericton music scene, Motherhood are a tumultuous tumbleweed of country-laced, spitfire rock ‘n’ roll, a cathartic circus wrapped in a sheen of heartfeltly howled emotional hooks.

The last year or so for the band has been an absolute rodeo, between all three members playing in various side projects and being a major part of the Shifty Bits Cult artist collective. Motherhood also found time to record with blues harp aficionado Catriona Sturton for the Greville Tapes Music Club and toured back and forth across Eastern Canada more than a few times. This all shows on the trio’s latest full length, Baby Teeth – their most cohesive yet eclectic and deranged effort to date.

“When we wrote Baby Teeth, we came at it from a very different angle than usual” says multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Penelope Stevens. “We walked into the studio with nothing prepared, and just bashed our heads together until an album came out. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but it worked for us.”

All of that gleeful gallivanting and furious friend-making also helped the band establish a symbiotic relationship with the Saint John music scene, and with Little You Little Me guitarist and Monopolized Records head honcho, Corey Bonnevie. Bonnevie not only recorded Baby Teeth, but was also a major influence on the gritty tone of the record.

“I think he influenced the sound of the album to reflect a Saint John vibe, which we’re down with!” says Stevens. “Saint John’s scene, much like the city itself, has a harder, scrappier edge than Fredericton probably ever will; government town, you know how it is. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that some of the songs on Baby Teeth are the heaviest songs we’ve written to date.”

Fill your ears with some of that scrappy heaviness with an exclusive stream of Baby Teeth below and read on to see where you can catch the band releasing it into the world.

Motherhood Baby Teeth release shows:

Friday, June 10th at The Capital (Fredericton)
Saturday, June 11th at Pepper’s Pub (Saint John)
Thursday, June 16th at Lee’s Palace (Toronto, NXNE with Pere Ubu)

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