PREMIERE: Listen to The Painters’ new album, Specks of Dust

Montreal folk-pop brotherhood The Painters splash out their debut.

January 7, 2016

Montreal mainstays The Painters are releasing their debut album, Specks of Dust, on January 19th through Egg Paper Factory, but you don’t have to wait the extra week to listen to the quartet’s first full-length effort: you can stream the whole thing right here and now.

Self-producing the entire record by themselves, The Painters’ psych-tinged folk-pop numbers are both languid and revved-up, recalling Lou Reed at both his noisiest and mellowest, usually in the space of a single song. Specks‘ title track calls to mind garage-folk weirdos like Beehive and the Barracudas with its ramshackle DIY shuffle, while closer “Sam” could’ve been a lost Moldy Peaches cut. So, in essence: imperfect, rough around the edges? Yes. All the more charming for it? Absolutely.

The Painters will celebrate the release of Specks of Dust with a performance on Saturday, January 23rd at Drones Club in Montreal with Soft Opening and Quaker Parents.

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