PREMIERE: Listen to The Zorgs’ debut album, ‘Chew On It’

Winnipeg slacker-punk trio The Zorgs channel ADHD energy.

March 21, 2016

Winnipeg wrecking crew The Zorgs are releasing their debut album, Chew On It, on April 2nd via Transistor 66, but you can listen to the whole thing below right now, through the futuristic magic of streaming technology.

Sounding like someone stuck The Cramps and Radio Birdman in a blender with Sister-era Sonic Youth, The Zorgs are nothing if not… uh, challenging to classify. Songs like “Cruisin” and instrumental jam “Spies Are Lurking” are rockabilly and surf-tinged numbers that could perfectly soundtrack the world’s edgiest beach party, an impressive songwriting feat for any group of native Manitobans. Later on, “How Many Fucks” and “Prophecies” ditch the beach for a full-on Jay Reatard-level uptempo punk fury.

On the whole, Chew On It’s ADHD approach to genre serves the trio well. Any band currently operating under the “punk” umbrella should take note. Listen to the album below and read on for The Zorgs’ upcoming tour dates:

Thu, March 24 @ The Good Will, Winnipeg
Sat, April 2, ‘Chew on It’ release @ WECC, Winnipeg
Thu, April 14 @ Vangelis, Saskatoon
Fri, April 15 @ Broken City, Calgary
Sat, April 16 @ Bohemia, Edmonton
Sun, April 17 @ Milkcrate Records, Kelowna
Mon, April 18 @ Black Lab, Vancouver

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