PREMIERE: Spend a day with Dan Edmonds in “To Be That Needle”

October 5, 2016

We lost one of the good ones when Hamilton’s Harlan Pepper called it quits last summer, but there was a shining light at the end of the tunnel. That light was, of course, singer/guitarist Dan Edmonds, whose solo career has quickly catapulted him to new heights with his brilliant debut, Ladies on the Corner.

The album was to the point, and raw; having been recorded on an 8-track, Edmonds said the album was like “trying to make the perfect demo.” He more than succeeded.

“To Be That Needle” is one of the album’s many standouts, which is why were ecstatic to premiere its Dylan Hudecki directed video today.

Filmed on a beautifully gloomy Hamilton winter day, Hudecki says he wanted the video to follow Edmonds on a typical studio day.

“I wanted it to be hand held, fly on the wall,” said Hudecki.

“Bringing the viewer into the experience and creation of a song, from notepad to mixing, to turning off the lights and zipping up the parka to go back out into reality. The veil lifted.”

Beneath that veil, it turns out, is one hell of a song. Watch it below.


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