PREMIERE: Stream Hush Pup’s dreamy new album, ‘Waterwings’

September 16, 2014

We’ve long professed our love of BC’s Hush Pup, and today we’re ecstatic to premiere Waterwings, the duo’s new EP set for an official release later this month.

Opening with the ethereal, hazy groove of “Thailand,” Waterwings further refines the band’s unique brand of dream pop, with songs like “Swimming” and “Wait Up” having more than enough bounce to keep your head bobbing.

Basically, it’s great, and further proof of why we declared them one of Canada’s best new bands earlier this year.

Waterwings is officially set for release through Legwarmer Records on September 25th. Expect a physical release on cassette about a month later—and if you’re in Toronto, try to catch Hush Pup when they play Holy Oak this Friday.

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