PREMIERE: Stream Legato Vipers’ scuzzy debut album ‘LV’

September 26, 2014

As far as instrumental surf goes, few Canadian bands do it as well as Legato Vipers. While the band’s built a rep based on their suds-soaked live shows, their members are also well-established members of Ontario’s music scene: Virtuoso riffage is provided by Tyler Belluz and Mike Brooks of Del Bel (a band we gave daps in our previous musings on Wavelength) and The Magic’s Jordan Howard, while Biblical’s Jay Anderson mans the kits. Together, they play roughed-up surf that skims the line between mega-accomplished and excellently trashy—it’s the stuff that reeks of pomade and plus-sized bottles of Labatt 50.

The band previously cut the Don Pyle-produced Quick Slug—and really, was there anyone better to handle it than a member of Shadowy Men?—and now, the quartet has returned with their debut album, LV. Here, the band preserves their bombastic live energy by recording live off the floor at Guelph’s Boogie Barn, with engineer Harri Palm overseeing it all. The record, which is being co-released by Montreal’s Psychic Handshake and Guelph’s Missed Connection, will see an official release this fall—pre-order the leather-bound LP now, and it’ll ship on October 7—and today, we’re stoked to share an advance stream.

Listen to LV in all its glory below, and if you’re located in Toronto, check Legato Vipers’ record release show with Harlan Pepper, the Histrionics, and Start Something at the Silver Dollar.

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