PREMIERE: Watch Adrian Teacher and the Subs’ new video, ‘Victory Square’

The Vancouver pop band become rock gods with the help of new member Billy Blaze.

May 3, 2016

Vancouver’s swoon-inducing musical lifer Adrian Teacher (Apollo Ghosts, COOL TV) returns with his latest project The Subs on the upcoming album Terminal City, coming May 27th from the seemingly unstoppable You’ve Changed Records. Focusing on fun stuff like art school punks, global warming, and feeling weird at shows with the energetic charm and effortless pop chops we’ve come to expect, it’s another excellent collection of tunes.

We’ve got the first taste of the album below with a nearly 10-minute short film for the song “Victory Square.” What begins as the band audition from hell featuring rock god Billy Blaze (played by Aaron Read, the musician and comedian who once lost his mind dancing to the Becker theme song for a full hour) soon becomes a successful lesson in how to “make it.”

Add this one to the pantheon of School of Rock, Fubar, and the video for Yo La Tengo’s “Sugarcube”. Hit play below:


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